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Teenagers should try this New Alternate to Grind Shoes

If you are into skating, then you must know about Soap shoes, but now a new product Skidz Grindplates has launched, which is an excellent alternative to the world famous Soap shoes. 

So in this article, we will discuss what Skidz Grindplates are, why teenagers should try it, and how they better than Soap shoes. 

One thing we can say is that kids love skating. Various people also pursue skating as an action sport hobby. So if you also like to skate and want to know about Skidz Grindplates, then read this article to the end. 

Skidz Grindplates Overview 

Skidz Grindplates is a new innovation to the world of aggressive inline skating. It is a perfect solution to replace the traditional tools of rollerblading because not only is it unique they are easy to use. 

Skidz Grindplates are built with a premium plastic. Due to the premium plastic, they provide better friction control and balance without the bulkiness. 

These plates are super portable. You can easily carry them anywhere because you can keep then in your backpack and they are easy to attach Skidz Grindplates to your shoes. 

They work perfectly with every type of shoe. Furthermore, you do not need to break your bank to buy these grindplates. and they are available at a very affordable price. 

The design of Skidz Grindplates is very unique, which helps you to stand apart from the crowd. In terms of handling, these plates are very personalized as compared to the traditional aggressive inline rollerblades and skates. 

When you slide across the surface when wearing Skidz Grindplates, you will feel like they are a part of your body. These plates will provide you great control, grip, and balance. So you can be carefree about losing your stability. 

Why Every Teenager Should Try the New Alternate to Grind Shoes 

Most teenagers love to go skating, and there are various benefits of doing this. However, using old equipment for skating can suck. 

Nowadays, everyone needs something new that is unique in terms of design and usability. The new alternate to grind shoes are a product that every teenager should try, especially if they are a skate lover. 

Even if you are not a skate lover, then also you should try this product. I am 100% sure when you use them once you will be impressed by this product. 

Skating is a sport that is meant for action and fun. So it requires a lot of energy, precision, agility, balance, and control. 

But if you have Skidz Grindplates, then you easily enjoy the extent of fun that this sport provides. They are designed as a groundbreaking new concept; it becomes straightforward to experience an action sport. 

These plates give you the ability to grind handrails, benches, ledges, and much more. If you are a beginner, then Skidz Grindplates will also help you to learn the grinding skills and techniques quicker and safer. 

These Grindplates can easily fit with any type of brand, which means if you already have a good pair of sneakers, then you do not need to buy new shoes. 

These grindplates are portable, so you can easily carry them in your backpack to school or college. So whenever you find a spot for a grind, you can strap them to your shoes. 

In my opinion, you must buy this product once to experience that amazing feeling of doing a grind. The product is available at a very pocket-friendly price. So as a student, you can easily afford to buy these grindplates. 

Why Skidz Grindplates are Better than Soap Shoes 

There are various reasons why Skidz Grindplates are better than Soap shoes. Below I have discussed the three primary reasons. 


Skidz Grindplates are very less expensive than Soap shoes. Both of them can be aggressively used for grinding, but the price difference between both of them is quite large. 

The main reason why the price of Skidz grindplates is less because it only comes with the plates that can be attached to the shoes you already have. Whereas in Soap shoes the company gives you the shoes with these plates fixed in the sole of the shoe. So, in this case, the price of shoes is also added to the product. 

Still, it is good to go with Skidz Grindplates as most of the teenagers already have high quality good looking pair of sneakers. 


The weight of the Skidz Grindplates is very less when compared to Soap shoes. Due to the less weight, the wearer can efficiently perform the stunts without losing balance. 

The weight of these Grindplates is less than the 0.4 pounds, whereas Soap shoes weigh approximately 3.6 pounds. 

Skidz Grindplates have less weight and very small in size due to which they are easy to carry, whereas it is a bit difficult to carry soap shoes with you always. 

Ease of Usability 

Skidz Grindplates do not require any specific shoes. They can easily fit on various types and brands of shoe. No matter what is the style of your shoe, there are very high chances that this product will fit perfectly. 

You do not require any special outfit as its a plate that can be strapped to any type of sole. But this is not the case with Soap shoes. 

Soap shoes come with grind plates that are only attached to their own brand of shoes. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. If you found this article worth reading, then don’t forget to pass it on to your friends. 

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