Skate Park by the Beach

We find this cool skate park by the beach and thought this would be a great place for a session.

Street Grinds in the Rain

Even if it is raining you can always find some where you can break out the Skidz and have some fun. 

Taking it to the Parks

We have strapped on our Skidz Grind Plates and now taking it to the park lands.

D.I.Y Skate Park

In this video we are at a DIY Skate park in Pattaya Thailand. land a grind on a bench and slide with ease.

Taking the World by Storm

In this video get out the Skidz Grind Plates and show you how versatile they are by grinding some concrete ledges.

Grinding Rails the Easy Way

Hitting the rail on the quarter pipe. The pressure is off coz these grind plates make learning to grind easy.

True Grinding Experience

After a long time of testing we are proud to present our new Skidz Grind Plates. Our Team loves them!

Carefree Grinds

Skidz grind plates feel and work like part of your own body, providing more control, grip and balance.

Bench 2 Bench

Skidz Grind Plates showing what little effort it takes to land a grind on a bench and slide with ease.

No Wax Needed

Robust and durable. Skidz easily withstand hard impacts and provide proper friction to perform grinds.

Grinds in Bangkok

In this video we take our grind plates to a park in Central Bangkok and find a steel box prefect for grinding.

Looking for the Perfect Grind

We set out to find the perfect grind and come across this sweet little concrete bench.

Grinds by the Beach

Once again we hit the streets. Check out these killer grinds on the average park by the beach.