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Soap Shoes or Skidz Grindplates?

Skidz Grindplates

Skidz Grindplates is a footwear accessory; they are plastic plates that are strapped to the sole of any shoe, giving the wearer the liberty of sliding across things such as handrails, ledges, benches, and much more. It’s very similar to aggressive inline skating but you only need a pair of shoes to use them.

Lightweight and durable, Skidz Grindplates take up no space and will easily fit inside your backpack.

Made from POM plastic which provides superior friction control and balance without the bulkiness of traditional aggressive inline skates and roller skates.

Soap Shoes

Soap shoes, or “Soaps“, as it is popularly known, is the brand name of shoes made for grinding. Soap shoes were mostly derived from freestyle walking and aggressive skating.

Chris Morris of Artemis Innovations, Inc. first innovated them and registered with the brand name “Soap” in the year 1997. They have a concavity in the sole made of plastic material, making it possible for the wearer to grind on objects such as pipes, handrails, and stone ledges.

Skidz Grindplates vs Soap Shoes

Which is cheaper, Skidz Grindplates or Soap Shoes?

So, the first advantage of the Skidz Grindplates over the Soap grind shoes is cost-effectiveness.

Soaps will range in price, costing you anywhere between $100-$150 USD while Skidz Grindplates are available from just $25- $30 USD.

Skidz will also last just as long as Soaps but are much more affordable to replace compared to a pair of Soap Shoes. Skidz Grindplates are much cheaper allowing nearly everyone to be able to afford them, the same can’t be said for Soap Shoes.

Which product looks the best, Skidz Grindplates or Soap Shoes?

With Skidz Grindplates, you don’t need to fuss about a matching footwear for your outfit:

They can be fitted on a wide range of sizes and colors of shoes which already match your outfit. There are no rules to how you dress and what you can wear, just make sure your Skidz Grindplates are always in your backpack, and you are good to go.

Practicality: Skidz Grindplates or Soap Shoes?

Skidz Grindplates are much lighter than traditional Soap Shoes. Unlike what comes to your mind when you hear accessory, these plates transform your footwear to grind shoes without you feeling the extra weight of an added accessory, so you pull off cool stunts and leave others in awe of what just happened.

Soap Shoes are much bulkier compared to Skidz Grindplates as Skidz are made from a lightweight POM plastic and very compact in design. Fitting inside any small compartment of a bag, Skidz weigh just 0.4 pounds. A massive difference in weight when compared to Soap Shoes weighing in at approximately 3.6 pound.

Usability: Skidz Grindplates or Soap Shoes?

With Skidz Grindplates, life can be spontaneous: Life can happen, and we find ourselves in moments where we can’t maximize or even participate in the fun at the moment.

Ever been out with friends and some fun starts that you’re not prepared for? Or a picnic turns into an impromptu ball game, and you are in your hundred dollar brogues, and you can’t imagine running around in one? Or when you run into your friends grinding it out, you don’t get to join in because your Soap Shoes are at home.

With your Skidz Grindplates safely tucked away in your bag pack, you are sure you don’t get to feel that way again. If grinding is the game, you’ll never get to miss out on any moment of the fun.


In summary, if getting sufficient value for your money means anything to you, then go for Skidz Grindplates. We know that having to carry a heavy backpack around comes with its troubles.

If you don’t want to add to the weight of your footwear and still want to grind on your way back from work or school, at the park or train station, go for  Skidz Grindplates.

Don’t miss out of those spontaneous moments with your friends again. Dress comfortably going out in the morning and live your regular lifestyle and order your Skidz Grindplates, to make sure you never miss an opportunity to discover new grinds.





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