Skidz GrindPlates – Large


Skidz GrindPlates give you the ability to grind hand rails, benches, ledges and much more.

Large sized grindplates are suitable for shoes ranging between 8-10 (US).

Skidz GrindPlates fit any type of shoe!

Please allow a minimum of 14 days for your product to arrive as we are experience high demand of our Products.

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Skidz GrindPlates are a groundbreaking new concept that can revolutionize how easy it is to enjoy extreme sports in a millisecond. This unique idea is creating a new category in the extreme sports market and promises to take the world by storm!

Our research has taken us around the world enabling us to produce the highest quality product for the lowest possible price, redefining the term “value for money”.

Skidz GrindPlates are made from POM material which is a high lubricant plastic making grinding simple.

Each package contains 2x Skidz Grind Plates and 2x Skidz Straps, packaged in our signature Skidz Box.

Skidz GrindPlates come in Ice Blue with our aggressive straps which are Red, White and Black (pictured above).


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