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Is Aggressive Inline Skating a Good Workout?

When anyone thinks of doing exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is running on a treadmill, lifting weights, or riding a stationary bicycle. There is a very slim chance that they think of aggressive inline skating, and the main reason for this is because they don’t know the potential of aggressive inline skating.

Inline skating is a multi-disciplinary sport because it actively involves the use of many different body parts. Moreover, inline stating not only benefits your physical health but it also reliefs stress and clears your mind.

Are you thinking about whether inline skating is a good workout? Then read this article to the end. In this article, I will briefly explain to you some benefits of aggressive inline skating by which you will discover it can easily be a very effective workout.

Benefits of Aggressive Inline Skating 

There are many benefits, including burning calories, reduce wear-and-tear on your bones and joints, and improve balance and coordination. Below we have discussed these benefits in more detail.

Anaerobic Exercise Benefits 

Aggressive inline skating is a kind of anaerobic exercise because full-body movement is done. It includes jumping and pumping movements of your body which build and maintain your muscles.

Here is a list of anaerobic benefits you get by doing aggressive inline skating:

  • It develops and increases muscle endurance.
  • It helps to strengthen the muscles.
  • Inline skating improves the coordination and harmonization of muscles.
  • It strengthens buttock muscles and inner thigh muscles by natural movement of your body.

Mental Benefits 

Aggressive inline skating is one of the exercises that provide you with both mental and physical benefits. Moreover, it helps you to keep your body energetic and your mind fresh.

No matter which style of skating you do, the mental health benefits you get is all the same. When your body moves regularly, your brain will get a positive signal due to which you will be able to give full focus to your work.

It also helps you to reduce stress level and lower the likelihood for depression. So if you are feeling depressed or tensed and need refreshment, then aggressive inline skating is the perfect solution for you.

Apart from this aggressive inline skating also provide benefits of increasing mental acuteness and reaction time.

Burn Calories 

Aggressive inline skating helps you to lose weight and reduce fat by burning calories. Many people keep track of the calories in the foods they purchase and consume. These people always find ways to burn their calories and inline skating is one of the most useful and exciting ways for you to do this.

The quicker you move, the more calories you can burn. During 30 minutes of skating, you can easily burn an average of 285 calories at a heart rate of 148 beats per minute.

If you are wanting to burn calories by aggressive inline skating, then you need to keep the below three things in mind.

  • You need to skate regularly at least five days in a week.
  • You should skate daily for an hour or at least 30 minutes.
  • After every 15 days, check whether you are getting results.

The calories you can burn per minute mainly depend on your weight. If you are over-weight, then you need to work a lot harder.

So, when you burn calories your fat will reduce automatically because one gram of fat is equal to nine calories.

If you want to get good results with skating, you should also follow a healthy balanced diet that consists of vegetables and fruit. You should avoid eating foods with a lot of calories.

Muscle Building and Endurance 

Skating is a great way to increase the muscle strength and endurance. So it will help you do a hard workout for a long time without getting tired.

If you want to build up your muscles, then you must skate at least one hour each day because skating is more beneficial in building muscles as compared to running or cycling.

Here is a list of benefits you get by improving your muscle strength and endurance:

  • The risk of injury becomes less.
  • Your body will never feel tire or experience energy loss.
  • It will improve your confidence.

Various studies show that skating is an excellent natural way to build your thigh and hip muscles. Apart from this, skating also strengthens your entire upper leg, rear end, and lower back muscles.

Low Impact Workout 

Aggressive inline skating is a kind of workout that has a very low impact on different joints of your body. If you have done running, then you must know that it produces a jarring impact on your knees, back, and ankles.

The repetitive nature of this jarring impact is not good for your joints. So aggressive inline skating can be a good alternative for you as it does not create any jarring impact on your joints.

While skating, you will very rarely feel serious pressure on your knees, hips, and ankles. Due to its low impact on the joints, more and more people are taking up skating instead of running.


If you are thinking of taking up aggressive inline skating for fitness, then it is a great idea. Skating is a healthy activity that will improve your body and mind.

When you start skating regularly, over time you will naturally increase your speed with practice which will give you better results.

I hope this article is helpful to you and it clears up all your doubt about aggressive inline skating and the workout it will provide.

Thank you!!!

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