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Tips to Improve Your Skate Skills With Skidz Grindplates

Are you new to extreme sports?

More specifically are you new to skateboarding? Are you one part of folks who think “I can never be good at Skateboarding because it’s dangerous”? The truth is Skateboarding, just like any other sport looks complicated until you try it out yourself. For skateboarding, all you need is determination and lots of practice to become good at it. What’s even more exciting is that with Skidz Grindplates, you have the right accessories to make skating easier to learn. Skidz makes it easy to try grinds on benches, ledges, and handrails.

What are Skidz Grindplates?

Skidz Grindplates are footwear accessories made from premium POM plastic, this makes it easier for people to slide on things like handrails, ledges, and benches when attached to the sole of your shoes. Previously, people were comfortable with using the Soap shoes and aggressive inline skates for grinds. Just like Skidz, Soap skate shoes have plastic concavity in their soles that allows a person to grind on objects. Soap shoes are sneakers that are not as handy for people who plan to improve their skating skills. Let explore and compare both brands below.

Why Skidz Are Better Than Soap Shoes For Improving Your Skating

Which Is More Cost-Effective?

Skidz Grindplates are more affordable than Soap sneakers because they cost about $25 to $30. While Soap shoes can be purchased for about $100 – $150. What’s even better is that at that price Skidz are as durable as any grind shoe. So you do not need to replace them quickly and even when you do, they are easy and affordable to replace.

• Usability: Skidz Grindplates are compact, they can go with you anywhere without being noticed. So you don’t need unique plans to join in the fun, especially when it wasn’t planned for. All you need to do is pull out the Skidz from your bag and join in before you miss out on the fun. We can’t say the same about the grind shoes, because you are not able to carry them as conveniently as you would carry a pair Skidz Grindplates, hence you may miss out on all the sweet grinds if you are to far away from home and to go back and get your grind shoes.

• Availability: With Skidz, you can turn any shoe into a grinding shoe. The brand Soap shoes is getting harder to find every day and so making a purchase might be difficult, the safest and smartest way to improve your grinding skills is to have Skidz Grindplates which are easily available.

• Practicality: An average Skidz Grindplates weights 0.4 pounds when compared to a grind shoe that weighs about 3.6 pounds on an average. It’s more realistic to carry Skidz along with you and practice with them on the go. They can fit into your bag hence they can be of hand at anytime any where.

The above feature comparison shows you that Skidz Grindplates are affordable and convenient alternatives for improving your skate skills.

Using Skidz to improve your skate skills.

Aggressive inline skates are a type of inline skating that involves grinding and jumping. With Skidz, grinds can be done more inventively. Imagine replacing traditional tools used to make roller blades with simpler and more convenient tools. Skidz Grindplates are made from premium POM plastic that provide frictional control and balance with less bulk, Skidz Grindplates can be much more fun, easy, and creative. Skidz Grindplates are very affordable and can be carried in your backpack and easily attached to shoes, so one doesn’t go broke trying to buy a new shoe for it. Aggressive inline skating requires fun, action, and a lot of energy; let Skidz worry about the shoe weight while you do your thing.

Taking Action Sports To A Whole New Level With Skidz Grindplates.

Skidz is presenting an innovative way to learn how to grind, making grinding less dangerous, more convenient, and more affordable. With the ability to turn an ordinary shoe into a perfect kit for learning to grind, everyone and anyone can have that grinding experience with Skidz. Skidz offers a uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd when you wear them. They help you perform tricks smoother without people noticing a bulky shoe on your feet because Skidz Grindplates work and feel like part of your body.


Skidz will always been known for design-friendly innovative products, but with Skidz Grindplates, they make an extreme sport like grinding fun, convenient, and affordable. Skidz Grindplates provide innovation to aggressive inline skating making it easy to do the sport without having a bulky shoe on your feet. What makes this accessory mind-blowing is that you can do this with almost any shoe, at virtually any time. Grab yourself a pair and improve your skills.






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