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Heelys Revolution with Skidz GrindPlates

Are you a Fan of Heelys shoes? Heelys is the original skate shoes with wheels; so you have to love it.

However, they need a little something to spice them up. Something to make it more fun than it was before.

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Check out the unique mixture of Heelys with Skidz Grindplates.

Heelys for Fun.
Heelys shoes with a skate wheel at their rear of the heel. These shoes are usually mistaken as regular shoes. From a glance, you can’t see any skate wheel that can distinguish it from other shoes.

However, they are pretty different. You can roll or walk in Heely shoes. The thrill of rolling is the lure; it helps you feel fearless and carefree, like everything else going on in the world doesn’t matter.

This shoe is a skating shoe. More so, it is just amazing that it can be worn as everyday shoes. Although it is heavier than regular shoes and you can feel the difference while walking.

You can use Heelys on walkways, tiles, or any smooth surface. The thrill of the feeling of rolling on Heelys is fantastic.

How to use Heelys
You know you can use Heelys to roll, which is very close to skating. However, how do you use Heelys?

Put the wheel
The Heelys wheels compartment at the bottom rear is closed while walking. If you desire to grind, you will open this compartment and insert the wheels into the provided space.

Look for a place to practice
Look for a place with smooth pavement and level ground to use your Heelys on. Avoid sloped, slanted, or cracked sites, and avoid busy streets.

Raise the tips of your toes
To roll, you need to raise the frontal part of your leg and stand on the rear. You should stand by a table first to get used to balancing on your rear feet, so you can have something to hold if you want to fall.

Start with one foot
When you are familiar with the heels, you can start rolling. To start, you should use one foot to take a step forward with your toes while the other is still balanced on the rear feet. Transfer your weight to the heels and move.

Balance on your Heelys
Now that you are moving don’t lean too far on your Heelys. If you lean too far to the back, you might fall, which is not ideal. You should try to keep proper balance on the Heelys and keep a foot in front of the other.

How to go faster
Once you have gotten the hang of slow and steady, you might want to go faster. To go faster, use one leg to propel yourself, then transfer your weight to the Heelys.

How to stop
You know how to start, but how do you stop when you want to? You can stop in two ways

Grind the back of your wheels compartment down, and it will slow you down.
Put your toe on the ground, but have to start running to prevent gravity from pulling you to the floor.

What are Skidz Grindplates?

Oh, you have to hear this. Do you know what Skidz Grindplate does? It gives the ability to grind on benches, handrails, and more. It brings more fun and excitement to extreme sports lovers.

It adds spice to the sport that is already going monotone and not much fun. But with Skidz Grindplates, the excitement is back. The options for grinding are more comprehensive now, and the thrill bigger. I can see the grandma’s horror when they see you grind on a handrail. That’s so funny.

Now the cool thing is, Skidz Grindplates can be added to any shoe to give it these qualities. It is like a grindplate that can be ‘strapped’ to any shoe. Once you have your shoes and the Skidz Grindplates, you are good to go.

I know, you must be like, wow! The advantage of this is enormous. Grinding, before, has to be done with a specific shoe that has an inbuilt grindplate, and the shoe can not be changed.

Skidz Grindplates mixed with Heelys

How awesome will this be? Your favorite skate shoe (Heelys) paired with the awesomeness of Skidz Grindplates. It will be the stuff of legend, and a whole lot of fun to be had.

Since SkidzGrindplates can be strapped to any shoe, the same rule applies to Heelys.

This is amazing because you can now grind or roll as you wish. Since there is a rear wheel at the back of the heel of the shoe, if you add Skidz Grindplate to the front, you will have a cool, unique shoe ready for action.

More so, the added advantage of grind on handrails, benches, and more is mouthwatering. Any extreme sport is done to feel the thrill of feeling fearless from doing something radical.


Although very fun while it’s last, it won’t be too fun again if you get injured. There is the fun and thrill of grinding around in Heelys, but like any sport, caution must be exercised.

There is not much difference between Heely and skates. Research has shown that you can acquire the same type of serious injury from skating and grinding.

There is a case where head surgery had to be done for the victim. It feels powerful and free when grinding, don’t get ahead of yourself. More so, it’s better to get safety equipment to grind if you intend of taking them to this extreme.

You can get complete sets of safety equipment. This set includes a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, and more.

Heelys shoe is a shoe with a hidden compartment where a wheel is kept. It’s a fun sport to engage in, and many do so. The wheel is held at the back, which enables you to lift the front of the shoe and roll easily. However, there is a new fantastic product called skidz grindplates on the market.

This excellent product enables grinding on benches, concrete, handrails, and more. The fantastic thing about it is that it can be strapped to any shoe. It doesn’t come with a specific shoe. You can do more on your Heelys shoe with Skidz Grindplate added to it. It becomes something unique that is neither just Heelys nor Skidz Grindplates.

What are you waiting for?

Try our revolutionary innovation, the brand new Skidz Grind Plates that we know that you are going to love.
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