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Easy Tricks to Improve Grinding

Grinds are tricks that involve the skater to glide (grind) along a surface, bringing contact with the skateboard’s trucks. It can be carried out on any object slim enough to fit between the wheels and is carried out on fun boxes, curbs, rails, ledges, and many other types of surfaces.

The surface of the deck can be also used to grind a item or barrier, and every spot gives the skater numerous alternatives for grinds. Each grind is a reflection of a skater their respective character and style. Some of the generic grind names you may already know are; Board Slide, 50-50, and back lip. If the skater is preforming the trick chose to bend into the grind while building flex in the board, the grind might be characterized as a “press.”

Tricks to improve grinding 

1. Begin with balance: Having balance is one of the most essential techniques to improve your grinding. There are limited means to improve your balance for grinding. Eliminate the trucks and firmly hold a rail and begin squatting downward, reverse, sideways, etc. As time progresses you can try to do some pop shove-its (or shuvits), ollies, or anything you can comprehend. It may not be the most useful means to enhance your tricks, but it certainly helps to increase your balance.

2. Learn to ride Fakie: We all know and understand what it is to run normally, but did you ever take a minute to think what it takes to run backwards. This is the moment you have to start and practice riding fakie. It may appear unimportant, but riding fakie unwraps a broad new scope of tricks. Fakie ollies, fakie shots, fakie big spins, fakie anything that springs up. The extent of tricks is extensive, and it will encourage you to move on to a whole new level of tricks. It will be a little awkward at the initial stage, but understanding how to ride fakie is something you need to master to get good. Many tricks need you to learn are fakie and expect you to begin in a fakie position.

3. Switch stance training: Just like riding fakie, you should know how to ride switch. You may still be struggling with ollies and think they feel odd, but the feeling of poping a nice ollie, gives a sense of satisfaction that it has been all worth it. When you learn how to ride switch properly, you can blend all these tricks you have learned and begin to show them off. If you are finding it difficult, don’t sweat it, the switch isn’t meant for everyone. It is not a necessity for you to go pro. You’re probably not there just yet, just practice some fakie combinations and keep practicing until you are convinced that you are ready to carry on with the switch stance.

4. Watch and learn from your friends: Skating with your friends or random people at the skate park is a great way to progress your skills quickly. Harness your competitive behavior and use it to acquire news tricks. Don’t be scared or shy to ask about the tricks you’ve just see them perform. Skaters love sharing their knowledge and are happy to teach anyone that takes the time to ask. We all started as beginners, and all skaters understand that. As long as you don’t pretend to be something your not, people will help you in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

5. Learn to be patient: To be honest, if your not patience and take the time to practice for whatever kind of trick you’re attempting to pull off, you’re kidding yourself. Some skills can take years to master. Numerous tricks can be done by just gradually growing your skill set and combining them. For instance, droping-in; you don’t have to commit right off. Just start with a small slope and work your way up to dropping in from coping. Are you scared to plant both of your feet when attempting to learn a kickflip? Try landing it one foot at a time, give it a couple of tries with your front foot, and then push on to your back foot. At some point, just commit and land it.

6. Learn to walk away: If you attempt something over a long period and you are having difficulty getting it, move on. You’ll get down about it sometimes, and your probably just making it harder on yourself. Occasionally, your brain and muscles require time to catch up, and when you attempt it subsequent times, you somehow manage not to accomplish what you expected. It’s quirky, but walking away actually helps in some instances. Move on to something you feel you are satisfactory at and return to the trick you were attempting. Walking away is a part of the process of re-visiting these tricks!


Grinds can be difficult to master at first, but with commitment and patience, you can become a real pro in this sport.















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