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Beginners Guide to Inline Skating

Inline skating is a sport that has long been attributed to being extreme. However, it is a sport that is enjoyed for its freedom and limited rules. The sport is also a great source of exercise and has been attributed to having the ability to lose as much weight as you would when exercising on a bike or running. The sport, however, is not very difficult to learn like most other sports, but has its risks, and so there are a lot of things to consider before beginning.

Things to keep in mind.

Inline skating is not always action packed and can just be done for fun, but be assured that there is always a chance of physical injury. Once you accept that you are prone to accidents you can stop being afraid and you can begin your journey to learn to skate.

What you will need to begin.

Before you begin skating ensure that you have the right gear. It is a dangerous sport so be ready for the risk.

Inline skate boots: There are many options for inline skate boots. Purchase a recreational beginner Rollerblade as they come packed with all the safety measures you need.

Protective pads: Get the protective pads for your knees and elbows. As a newbie, you will fall a lot, so get ready for it.

Helmet: Falling will be a regular part of the learning process, and so having a helmet always is a great way to protect your head. Make sure it is the correct size and meets all safety standards.

Wrist Guards: Buy specialized wrist guards that are comfortable with a high strength nylon splint protection, this runs along the wrist. Why? because that is where impact occurs.

Clothing: Avoid free-flowing and intrusive clothes. For females, it is best to learn with denim jeans and a fitting top. Try to go for clothing with long sleeves; they also act as a protective option for you.

Reflective wears: Try to get reflective accessories if you will be skating at night. This way, cars and other motorists will be able to detect you as they pass by.

How do you learn to skate?

For newbie’s in the skating world, you can easily learn to skate without a teacher. If you are self-taught follow these steps to aid in your progression.

Always practice on flat ground: This will assist you in getting your balance, especially your first time. Find a free, flat space to practice, preferably a concrete floor.

Learn to stand first in your skates shoes: This may prove difficult at first, but you will need to learn to stand and gain a balance before you can do anything else. Also, ensure that you can balance and stand straight with your hands to the side and your eyes looking straight forward.

Begin small: Once you master the standing and balancing process, try taking small steps. Do not go too fast because you may fall. Go slowly and try circling a small distance. Increase your pace on a smaller distance before the advance in length.

Learn to fall: Falling is a part of this sport, so be sure to understand how best to fall. When you are falling, use your knees, elbows, or hands as first support. They should all be protected by plastic caps, this will help in keeping you safe.

Learn to break: Inline skates all come with a break feature. For beginners, it is essential that you understand that stopping can be achieved without crashing into things. To stop place one foot ahead of the other and raise your toes, so you glide on the back wheels. This will slowly bring you to a halt. There are other ways to break, but this is the easiest way for new skaters.

Explore speeds slowly: Once you master the basics, you might be tempted to explore speeds at an alarming rate. This is a bad idea and must never be done. Increase your speed slowly until your mind and eyes are used to it. Never go too fast because it is a preamble to a terrible fall.

Practice always: Like every other sports practice makes perfect. Ensure that you give at least an hour to practice every other day. The more time you spend practicing, the more you learn and the quicker you master the ropes of the sport.

Exploring the roads: Before you take to the road, ensure that you have practiced and have mastered all the basic points. Also, choose roads that are less congested and free from heavy traffic. Be safe when skating the road for the first time and ensure that you let someone know of your route and the speed you will maintain. Keep a safe distance from the main road and carry along your shoes just in case you get into a situation on the road that might be too risky for you.





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