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Alternative To Soap Shoes

Soap skate shoes are sneakers with a plastic concavity in their soles used for Grinding. They were introduced in 1996 by Artemis Innovations Inc., with soles that allow a person to Grind on objects, ledges, and handrails. Soap shoes had huge popularity amongst kids in the 90s because of the special plastic plated sneakers back in the day.

Soap sneakers were at some point referred to as the “blockbuster of sports footwear industry” when Chris Morris, a former rollerblading salesman, designed it. It had a unique design, had a premium plastic sole, and can arguably be described as one of the foundations for Grind sports. The popularity of Soap shoes grew when Artemis sponsored 17 year old Ryan Jaunzemis a professional inline skater where he featured in video commercials and Soap shoe videos.

But soon, Soap shoes started to lose market share, first when Chris Morris lost control of soap’s license due to legal issues. With Chris Morris no longer in control, the company slowed down, within a short while management of Artemis Innovations Inc. decided to sell the brand ‘Soap’ to In-Stride, a company that went bankrupt shortly after buying the brand. Although Heelys Sports Limited tried to bring back the popularity of Soap sneakers, combining it with another product they have on the market. The “Grinding industry: was in need of a revolution and innovation as there was a new age in an extreme sport where people valued convenience and affordability.

The Alternative to Soap shoes.

With the sports footwear needing another ‘blockbuster’ many companies started coming up with solutions, the problem was these companies were making another ‘Soap’. One company smartly stood out; they understood that aggressive inline skating needed some innovative design outside Soap shoes. They decided to come up with a alternative to Soap shoes, a solution anyone could use at any time. An idea that takes grinding to a whole new level. They didn’t design a sneaker, they designed a sneaker accessory. A plate that could strap onto almost any footwear. Making aggressive street grinds more fun and easy.

Skidz came up with Grindplates that fit any shoe, that were not as expensive as other grind shoes yet just as useful, affordable, and available for use at any time. Skidz changed aggressive inline skating from an expensive, bulky sport for the privileged few to a game for everyone.

Changing Aggressive Inline Skating:

Aggressive inline skates is a part of inline skating focused on tricks like grinding and jumping while skating. Soap sneakers was a stepping stone to aggressive inline skating and was so much fun in the 90s, but it was a position very few could do because first, you needed to have a pair of  Soap shoes and then have it in hand when you get to the streets with ledges, handrails and other places convenient for grinding.

With Skidz, the aggressive inline skating sport is changing, it has became more flexible and can be used by anyone with any footwear. It made the sport of grinding light and easy to do with fewer risks. All you need to have is a pair of Skidz Grindplates in your bag. People have found it fun and easy, doing tricks because Skidz Grindplates are so light they can feel like part of your body as very few people would notice that you had grindplates attached to your shoes.

Why Are Skidz Grindplates A Better Alternative?

• Flexibility: Skidz Grindplates have straps which makes it possible to attach to the sole of any shoe, it is easy for anyone to go out and hit the streets and start grinding. This makes Skidz Grindplates a better alternative in flexibility because Soap shoes is not that convenient to carry around.

• Mass: Most parts of the Skidz Grindplates are made from premium quality plastic making it lightweight and compact. On average, a pair weighs 0.4pounds compared to a Soap sneaker that weighs 3.6 pounds on the average.

• Cost: A pair of Soap shoe cost on an average $100 – $150, while a Skidz Grindplates costs about $25 – $30. At this price, Skidz Grindplates is as durable as Soap shoes. It is easier and cheaper to buy a new pair of Skidz Grindplates than a pair of Soap sneakers.

• Practicable: For a user trying to improve in your aggressive inline skates skills, you need at least 3 hours of practice a week to become better in skating and trying new tricks. You need a lightweight aggressive skate accessory to carry with you almost everywhere without feeling its weight and for performing new tricks. Skidz makes it easy to practice more because you can take it around everywhere, and you can do tricks without feeling weight down.




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