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Advantages of Skidz over Rollerblades

When it comes to inline skating, there are many options presently available. However in recent times, a brand new, original concept has come up. Skidz Grindplates are a new and innovative product that is turning around the entire view and experience of aggressive inline skating. Rollerblade’s were the only option prior to our product. Rollerblade’s are leaders of the inline skates niche, and for years they were the only option.

Features of Skidz Grindplates and Rollerblade’s

1. Material:

Skidz Grindplates is made up of quality POM plastics that are durable and strong but give low friction letting you slide with ease. They are able to hold the weight of the user and grinding without breaking, snapping, or becoming useless.

Rollerblade’s are made with durable materials that encompass metal, plastic, and nylon. Rollerblade’s are also very capable of holding the weight of the wearer while still giving them plenty of freedom when in use.

2. Look:

Rollerblade’s are made up of straps or laces with 3- 5 polyurethane wheels, metallic/ plastic frames, and a cotton fabric boot. They also come in many sizes, designs, colors, and for various usages (recreational and aggressive).

Skidz Grindplates, on the other hand, are simple in their appearance. They come in two sizes (medium and large), with a strap that is used to fix them to the wearer’s shoes. They are available in an Ice Blue and an efficient curve on the bottom of the plate making grinds easy to lock in.

3. Use:

Skidz Grindplates are made to ease your nerves and enhance the grinding experience. They come with a super lock curve that ensures they lock on benches, ledges, railings, with more ease and speed.

Rollerblade’s are primarily made for riding on wheels. Grinding is a skill that can be done using their aggressive line of skates. Its primary goal is not just made to grind on things, but to roll and ride on them.

4. Cost:

Skidz Grindplates costs between $25 to $30, which makes them both affordable and easy access to everyone. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to buy a pair.

5. Efficiency: They are both efficient in the task of grinding, but, as Skidz Grind plates are made especially for the aggressive sport, it is a better option to have than the roller blade. The Rollerblade will also do the trick, but will not be the primary reason for having them on.

What really makes Skidz a better alternative to Rollerblades?

1. Fashion: Skidz Grindplates are exceptionally fashioned friendly. With Skidz Grindplates you don’t have to worry about the right shoes, but with Rollerblades you need to worry about color, design, and other issues.  Skidz comes in a beautiful blue shade that really could do any harm to what you are putting on. It is a lot less visible in size, and you can use on your classy and fashionable sneakers and be able to enjoy it.

2. Compact: Durability is not a concern for both products; however, portability is. Rollerblades are large by nature. The body and the wheels, everything makes the entire product large. This means that it’s not convenient to carry around with you. Skidz Grindplates on the other hand, is compact and portable and weighing under 300 grams. This makes it the perfect product to take everywhere you go. Just keep them in your backpack and have them on hand and ready to go.

3. Ease: When it comes to ease, the Rollerblades are far from it. They are big, uncomfortable, and a burden to handle. However, Skidz makes everything easier. You do not have to worry about them wearing you. You wear them. They are simple to use. Just strap them around your feet, and they become the safer option to learn how to grind.

4. Experience: Rollerblade is not primarily made for grinding, but have been the only option for a long time. Skidz Grindplates have changed that. Skidz Grindplates are primarily for grinding benches, steps, railings, and more. The experience gained from using this product is enhanced. This also makes Skidz the best option for those new to grinding since learning is simpler and quicker.


With this full comparison, you can see why having the Skidz Grindplates is the best option to enjoy your next grinding session. And for newbies to grinding, you can experience and learn with ease and comfort while using these shoe accessories. All of which are ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.


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