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6 Different Types of Rollerblades

You must know about rollerblade but do you know about the different types? If your answer is no, then read this article to the end to find out. 

In this article, I will briefly explain to you the different types of rollerblades. Many people think that rollerblades are simply strapping on a pair of skates and taking off, but that’s not true.

Rollerblades are more than that, it is available in various different types, and each type has its own unique features. 

Most people are not able to differentiate between roller blades and roller skates and consider both of them are the same. So in this article, I will also explain to you what the difference between the roller blades and roller skates are. 

What is the Difference between Roller blades and Roller skates? 

If you look from far, both of them will seem the same to you because both have four wheels and both use body and force to propel the skates forward. 

However, when you take a closer look at them, then you can find out the difference is in the way the wheels are aligned. Although roller blades are the first and only type of inline skates, still they are referred and are inline skates. 

Rollerblades have four thin wheels that are in the single row. Roller skates also have four wheels, but these wheels are thick, and instead of single-row these are in two rows (two at the front and two at the back). 

A roller skate typically has a softer leather shoe, whereas rollerblades have a thicker boot. Even the breaks on both of them are in different locations. In roller blades, the breaks are present at the back whereas in roller skates the breaks are present at the front. 

Most people find it easier to master rollerblades compare to roller skates. Rollerblades have some extra features like shock absorbers and air vents which can make them more comfortable and safer to use. 

6 Types of Rollerblades 

There are a few different types of rollerblades, including rollerblades for women, men, and even for kids. Depending on what type of skater you are and how you intend to use them. You can choose the one which fulfills your needs. 

Below we will discuss all types of rollerblades in detail: 

Recreational Rollerblades 

It is one of the most popular types of rollerblades. Recreational rollerblades are designed for casual skaters. These rollerblades focus on comfort and stability which gives the skater gets a very relaxed fit. 

Typically the material varies from rollerblade to rollerblade, but it usually consists of a hard boot construction. The hard boot gives the rollerblader more ankle support and are more breathable. 

Recreational rollerblades are the best for people who want a shorter, less demanding skate session. If you are a beginner, then you should use rollerblades with a wheels of size 78-80mm. Smaller wheels will help you to keep your speed down so you can have more control when using them. 

Fitness Rollerblades 

These are rollerblades that are specially designed for fitness training and ice hockey players. These rollerblades are for those who want to use their rollerblades for getting into shape and skating frequently. 

Fitness rollerblades give more performance as compared to recreational rollerblades. The design of fitness and recreational rollerblades is similar. But there is a difference between the bearings, wheel and overall weight of the rollerblade. 

Fitness rollerblades generally have large wheels and faster bearings so they can generate speed for lengthy skating. The liner is constructed to make them more comfortable for longer distances. 

Fitness rollerblades can help you to burn more calories so you can easily lose your excess weight and get in shape. 

Speed Rollerblades 

These rollerblades are great to travelling long distances and high speeds. Speed rollerblades are mainly used by the marathon enthusiasts that do skating at a competitive level. 

These rollerblades usually have stiff construction due to which they can provide optimal power to the skater. Speed rollerblades low cut design allows the skater to have a full range of motion. So the skater can gain a better edge on the large wheels which allows a longer and stronger stride. 

The beginner level speed rollerblades have high cuffs which provide additional support for beginners. If you are a serious skater and looking for a competitive rollerblade, then speed rollerblades are the best choice for you. 

Urban Rollerblades 

These are the newest rollerblades that have gained so much popularity in a very short time. Urban rollerblades are also known as Street rollerblades. 

Urban rollerblades have a bearing and wheel setup very much similar to recreational rollerblades. However, the bootstrap of urban rollerblades is different. 

Their boot is designed in a way so the rollerblade can easily withstand tricks, jumps, and other tricks you need to do at the street. 

These rollerblades usually come with separate brakes that you need to attach by yourself. If you are searching for rollerblades to do skating on the street, then urban rollerblades are the perfect choice for you. 

Kids Rollerblades 

Kid’s rollerblades are built by keeping two things in mind, comfort and ease of usability. So kids can easily learn the basic of how to skate with rollerblades. 

Kid’s rollerblade usually come with adjustability. Up to four different sizes due to which they can perfectly fit with the growing feet of kids. 

Usually, they are very lightweight. So kids can easily maneuver the rollerblade and skate without much effort. 

Aggressive Rollerblades 

These rollerblades are made for jumping, sliding and grinding. Aggressive rollerblades usually have wheel size under 60mm due to which they can create a low centre gravity. 

A low centre gravity provides a lot of help in performing tricks and landing them. Now you might think that the small wheels will reduce the speed, but it’s not entirely true. 

The boots of aggressive rollerblades are made up of a hard molded plastic shell with a plastic strap at the top of the boot. If you need rollerblades to perform difficult tricks and jumps, then aggressive rollerblades are the right choice for you. 

I hope this comprehensive guide about different kinds of rollerblades is helpful for you and it helps you to find out which type of rollerblade is the best for you. 

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